What is a Great School?

COVID-19 highlighted the need for great schools for all children.  No matter what school model a family selects (district, public community school, or private) and no matter if learning happens in a school building or needs to happen at home, every child deserves a great school that prepares them for college or career.

Great schools aspire to greatness.

Great schools set out to be the best – whatever it takes.  Great schools ensure students are able to meet academic standards. More specifically, students in great schools:

  1. Achieve at high levels, regardless of their zip code, income, race or ethnicity.
  2. Consistently meet or exceed expectations in English language arts and mathematics.
  3. Earn at least one full year of academic growth every year.
  4. Graduate from high school on time and demonstrate they are ready for the next step, whether college or career.

Great schools are more than numbers.

Great schools are more than numbers and test scores. Great schools prepare children to be successful in life and in achieving their dreams. Every day, in every way, great schools have:

  • High expectations for every student and every adult associated with the school. 
  • Leaders committed to making the best decisions for students.
  • Teachers who “know their stuff” and inspire students to learn.
  • A top-notch support team that takes pride in keeping the school running like clockwork.

Great schools are safe and welcoming spaces where:

  • Adults know each and every student and family.
  • The staff has a genuine respect for parents and community and invite them to be a real part of the school.
  • The voice of parents and students matter.
  • Leaders and teachers quickly identify and respond to challenges.

Finally, great schools have the resources to deliver on their promises for children year after year.

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