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Romero Academy at Resurrection:
A True Partner For Me and My Family

By Tamara Kilpatrick
March 30, 2021

As a mother of nine kids, I need a school that’s more than just a place to send my children; it needs to be a true partner for me and my family. That’s why I feel so lucky that my children have been able to attend Romero Academy at Resurrection. I have three kids who graduated from Resurrection before the change to Romero Academy at Resurrection (Romero Academy), and four who are enrolled now, in kindergarten, first, third, and fourth grades. I also have a one-year-old who will start at Romero Academy when he’s ready.

I’ve been a parent at the school for a long time, and the transition to Romero Academy this past summer has been great for the school. There’s a whole new staff and the new teachers are angels. They really care about the children and are committed to helping every student learn.

Romero Academy works with families to connect us to what’s going on in the classroom. Every week, the school organizes virtual family nights where parents can hear from the teachers about what their kids are learning in school. I’ve noticed so many new parents this year and many have mentioned that Romero Academy educators engage with them in a way they were not involved before now. The family nights include a video that shows a character lesson they want the children to explore, and I appreciate that Romero Academy is reinforcing the values I am teaching my kids at home.

Romero Academy has a strong focus on academics, but the teachers know how to make learning fun. My six-year-old just started kindergarten this fall, and he loves going to school every day. He’s a bright little fellow, and his teachers are able to personalize the learning to challenge him. Thanks to Romero Academy educators, he’s doing first- and second-grade work and is excited to keep going.

I would recommend Romero Academy to any parent because of how the school has supported both my children and me. There have been many changes this year, and the school just keeps getting better. I can’t wait for my one-year-old to be part of the Romero Academy family and to experience the positive environment that has helped his brothers and sisters to thrive.