Who we are

Every student, in every neighborhood of Cincinnati, deserves an excellent school.

Cincinnati does not have enough excellent schools to serve all of our students well. Our city has made progress, but too many students still miss out on the opportunities a great education provides. Cincinnati’s students need us to move faster. We need to accelerate. Providing that fuel is what Accelerate Great Schools is all about.

Founded in 2015, Accelerate Great Schools is a nonprofit fund dedicated entirely to student success in Cincinnati.

Our success is measured by student success. Our fund offers a faster path for more students to access high-quality schools.

With access to an excellent school, students have the opportunity to achieve and succeed beyond expectations. In a excellent school, students are able to grow and perform year after year, finding success academically and personally. Excellent schools create confident, optimistic and connected students; students who can transform their life prospects.

We welcome you to contact us to learn more and get involved.

Our investment approach

In a complicated education environment, our investment approach is simple and straightforward:


We will invest in a high performing talent pipeline and kickstarting great schools.


Our investment approach is based on characteristics shared by high-performing schools
around the country:

  • High-performing schools rely on great principals and teachers. We need more great educators to lead more great schools.
  • When great school educators have autonomy to make decisions at the school level, each school is able to tailor its approach so their distinct student population will succeed.
  • Autonomy will always be paired with accountability. Only outstanding results matter, because only outstanding results will benefit our kids. If it works, we’ll support it. If it doesn’t, we won’t.
  • High-performing schools require a supportive community advocating for student success. From parents to policy, supportive communities provide an academic environment where every student can succeed.


Our Goal

There are 52 neighborhoods in Cincinnati. Each one deserves a great school.

We intend to fund the creation of new high-performing schools for 4,800 more students in five years, doubling the current number of students with access to this level of quality. By 2025, we will have created new high-performing spots for 13,700 children across Cincinnati. Many of our early efforts will prioritize low-income communities that rarely have access to excellent schools.