What we do

Accelerate Great Schools will identify opportunities to invest in high-performing schools by partnering with Cincinnati Public Schools, successful charter operators and the Archdiocese of Cincinnati to launch new, high-performing schools and transform existing schools – provided these schools are rooted in autonomy, accountability, sustainability, openness and results. We will also invest in programs that recruit, train and support teachers and principals.

Accelerate Great Schools will begin by investing in programs that recruit and train talented new teachers and administrators and will support policies that help all schools succeed for students.

Our fund will provide resources for the following:

  • Building a talent pipeline
  • Creating high-performance schools
  • Engaging the community
  • Addressing education policy

Building the talent pipeline
We will begin by investing in great principals and great teachers. We recognize we have a cadre of teachers across the city that are putting in incredible effort and seeing great results. Our goal is to create more great schools and transform existing schools, and we need great principals and great teachers to make it happen.

We want to empower and support teachers and leaders to better serve students, and we will invest so that all sectors have access to excellent principals and teachers.

Creating high-performance schools
We believe autonomy is important at the school level. We want to push control of the money, decisions, staffing, resources, supports and the curriculum, of all resources, to the school level, so they can have autonomy and the freedom to make decisions.

But in exchange for autonomy at the school level, we will make sure the schools are held accountable. We believe that a school that is not serving its students is doing a disservice and should not continue to have that opportunity.

Creating new great schools and transforming existing schools will require great teachers and great school leaders who are given autonomy and held accountable. The teachers and school leaders will be able to decide what’s needed for their own students. They will decide what curricula are used and what other supports are needed.

Engaging the community
Community engagement is crucial to the success of any school. We will put parents, teachers and school leaders in control. With decisions being made at the neighborhood level, a parent can say, “this is not serving my student” and a school can respond because the school will have autonomy to do what it needs to do for its student population.

Addressing education policy
We will work at the local, regional and state level to bring decision-making to where it should be: the schools. Students across the nation are faced with large bureaucracies where decisions are made centrally. We will invest in a network of schools across the city, whether they are district schools, charter or non-public schools, and ideally a combination of those, where the schools themselves have controls.

Accelerate Great Schools has valuable partners in Cincinnati Public Schools, the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and charter school authorizers. One platform won’t be prioritized over another in the creation of great schools. Only great results matter, because only great results will benefit our kids. If it works, we’ll support it. If it doesn’t, we won’t.