Now More Options for Students to Earn Industry-Recognized Credentials

From The Ohio Department of Education

Ohio’s high school students now have 49 more industry-recognized credentials at their fingertips, thanks to the input of companies and industries throughout the state. The Ohio Department of Education added the credentials to guide career-based program development and help students understand and prepare for Ohio’s in-demand jobs and careers. Some students go right into the workforce after earning credentials. For others, the credentials allow students to earn money to help finance college.

Here is the complete list of industry-recognized credentials in 13 career categories. Each one links to the sponsoring organization, which can be national, statewide or regional. The sponsoring organization determines the qualifications and testing that the credential requires. 

Interested students and families should contact their local school districts about the opportunity to earn a credential and be job ready upon graduation. There are some credentials that high school seniors can earn in one year through the Senior Only Credential Program.

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