Hamilton County Juvenile Court Program Keeps Kid Felons Out of Ohio's Juvenile System

From Cincinnati Enquirer

A 10-year-old Hamilton County program has been quietly diverting kids from juvenile prison to treat their mental illness and/or substance abuse  

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Judge John Williams asks the tall, thin teen in front of him if he has any idea how many people were shot last year in Hamilton County.

"No, sir," the 17-year-old answers as he shifts in his chair.

"Four hundred, and 30,'' the Hamilton County Juvenile Court Judge tells the kid who is in front of him in early December for taking a loaded .32-caliber gun to Woodward High School back in October.

A school security guard discovered the gun in the kid's backpack during a random search. The teen, who admitted buying the gun in Northern Kentucky, has been locked up in the Hamilton County Youth Center ever since. In years past, the felony charge would (have) been an automatic ticket to juvenile prison.

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