Great Schools

What is a great school?

Every student is capable of greatness and deserves the opportunity to reach their highest level of potential. 

A great school helps them get there. 

Great schools aspire to greatness

Students in schools identified as high-quality:

  1. Achieve at high levels, regardless of their zip code, income, race or ethnicity.

  2. Experience at least one full year of academic growth every year they’re in that school.

  3. Consistently meet or exceed performance expectations for English language arts and mathematics.

  4. Graduate from high school on time and demonstrate they are ready for the next step, whether college or career.

Each year the state of Ohio issues a report card on school performance. While this is not a full representation of each school, report cards help you get a sense of how a school is performing academically and provide:

  1. An Overall rating

  2. An Achievement rating (shows if students are on grade level)

  3. A Progress Rating (shows if students are making one year’s growth each year they are in school)

What rating does your school earn? Find your school’s report card

Great schools are more than numbers

Every day, in every way, great schools demonstrate:

  • High expectations for every student and every adult associated with the school.

  • A commitment to making the best decisions for students.

  • Teachers who “know their stuff” and inspire students to learn.

  • A top-notch support team, that takes pride in keeping the school running like clockwork and finding the resources students need to be successful.

  • A safe, well organized environment where each student knows that they are well supported and have their needs met.

  • A commitment to achieving, not just setting, ambitious goals. This requires a system that quickly identifies and responds to challenges to get the school back on track when it struggles.

  • A genuine respect for and connection with parents and community that emerges from ongoing dialogue and continuous engagement.

  • Financial sustainability - sufficient resources to keep delivering on their promises year after year.