Education Transformation

Education transformation happens when every student sits in a high-performing seat and every school is a great school, giving all kids a chance to receive an excellent education.

Our goal is to create 4,800 high-performing seats in great Cincinnati schools by 2020, doubling the current number of students with access to this level of quality. By 2025, with the help of our partners, we plan to create a total of 14,500 new high-performing seats in Cincinnati.

What is a high-performing seat and how do I know if my child is in one?

High performance is defined by many different factors. At its core, a student in a high-performing seat attends a great school that serves each student individually and helps him or her achieve their highest potential. A high-performing seat means a coveted spot in a high-performing school. There simply aren’t enough high-performing seats in Cincinnati. Accelerate Great Schools’ goal is to grow the number of high-performing schools in Cincinnati, giving all kids access to quality education.

Performance is typically defined by state accountability scores. Yet those are an imperfect measure – a snapshot of how students do on a given test. We need to continue to develop ways to measure performance in a more robust way.

However, as educators and parents recognize, there are a lot of other factors that influence performance. We will include other aspects like safety and security for students, parent and student satisfaction, including whether or not the school is a nurturing environment, whether or not the school serves all students well no matter the learning ability or challenge, and more; resulting in a robust set of different metrics.

Another way to tell if your child is in a great school is to spend time there, in a classroom or with the school leader. When you spend time in a school, it’s easy to get a really clear sense of school performance and if that school is really focused on the creating high-performance outcomes for all of their students.