How can you tell if your child is attending a great school?

1. Get the facts. 

  • Go to the Ohio Reportcard to look at the school's most recent report card from the Ohio Department of Education. 
  • Start by looking at achievement. How many students are on grade level?
  • Look at the progress measure. Do students gain at least one full year of learning during the school year?

2. See what others are saying about your school.

  • Check out
  • Look at your school's Facebook page.
  • What do people say on your school's Twitter feed?

3. Look beyond the numbers.

  • Visit your school. Do you feel welcome in the school?
  • Ask the principal and teachers what they like best about the school.
  • Ask where students go when they leave this school.
  • Do you see other parents at the school? What do they think about the school?
  • Observe teachers and students in action. Would your child be excited about learning in the school?